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The Forge platform unlocks the power of design and engineering data so you can connect teams, workflows, and build new services to address today's connected customer.

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Forge tools help companies build applications that tap into their design and engineering data. From automated processes to alerts. 3D in-browser to virtual reality. Forge APIs can be combined with existing software systems to innovate how you work and get more from your data.


Embed and interact with 3D models right in your browser, retrieving metadata from design files in more than 50 formats. No extra software needed.

Data Management API

Centrally manage data accessed from Fusion Team, Fusion software, and the Object Storage Service.

Model Derivative API

Use derivatives from your design to create new applications by converting or extracting geometry and object property data from your design.

Design Automation API

Run vast numbers of scripts on design files to automate repetitive tasks—in the cloud. No downloading, uploading, or bottlenecking.

Reality Capture API

Create accurate 3D models using photogrammetry and digital images (from handheld to drone-mounted cameras). Accelerate the scan-to-BIM process.


Build apps that extend the BIM 360 platform capabilities to automate workflows and project setups, reduce manual data entry, and more.


Obtain token-based authentication and authorization, based on the industry-standard OAuth2.

Webhooks API

Keep apps up to date with real-time notifications of changes in projects, files, and folders.

Token Flex API

Access Autodesk Token Flex usage data. Generate reports on consumption and contract details. (Not applicable to cloud credit customers)

Forge empowers developers and innovators

From concept to completion, companies of all sizes rely on Forge to create connected workflows for design, engineering, and fabrication.

Facility Operations and Maintenance


Specializing in Building Intelligence: VueOps uses Forge to integrate 3D building models and equipment data with enterprise systems to improve operations for complex buildings.

Manufacturing helps members find the right production partners more efficiently by adding Forge 3D viewing capabilities to its platform.



CADshare chose Forge to provide the core viewing and model-management power needed to transform OEMs’ sales of spare parts.