Oct 5-7, 2021

Forge at Autodesk University

The design and make conference for innovators everywhere who reimagine what's possible.


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Autodesk University dates and cost

Autodesk University is a FREE virtual conference held during the following dates:

  • October 5-7 (Americas)
  • October 6-8 (EMEA and India)
  • October 13-14 (China, Korea and Japan)

From our exclusive pre-events for developers to the Forge Keynote for thought leaders, there is something for everyone at AU this year.


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Mayra Soto presenting at Autodesk University

Exclusive Forge at AU Pre-events

Don't wait for possible. Code it today! Take advantage of our deep dive learning sessions during the week long Online Bootcamp. Or test your mettle with the Forge Hackathon. Winners will be showcased during Autodesk University,

Forge Bootcamp

The Forge Online Bootcamp Sept 13-16

This bootcamp will take you through all you need to know to make your first Forge API call. Each day there will be 4 sessions that are 30 min each. You can choose to follow the classes in Nodejs or .NET Core pathway. 


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Forge Hackathon Sept 27 - Oct 1

Back again by popular demand, we are excited to announce the 2021 Forge Hackathon. Everyone that signs up by July 30th will receive some sweet swag. Winners take home cool prizes and bragging rights.  Join as an individual or with a team and tackle one of 5 challenges. 

  • XR App ​
  • Digital Twin​
  • Autodesk Construction Cloud​
  • Task Automation (Revit/Inventor)​
  • Forge Gamification

Winners will be announced during the Hackathon Showcase the week of Autodesk University.


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Forge Hackathon at Autodesk University

Things to look forward to at Autodesk University

This year we are focused on a variety of themes from Automation to Visualization to Enterprise Integration. We'll host a variety of activities during the week of AU so you can dive as deep as you want into what's new with the Forge platform.

Forge Classes

This year we've laser focused our Forge and software development class selections. You'll hear from a number of companies that are pushing boundaries with Digital Twins, Dashboards, Design Automation, and enterprise integrations.


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Forge development classes at Autodesk University
Making of a platform documentary

Autodesk Forge: The Making of a Platform documentary

The Forge platform was first announced to the world at Autodesk University 2015. So we thought it only fitting to debut our documentary at Autodesk University six years later. Watch the video to learn from Forge leaders just how far we've come.


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Forge Lightning Talks

Check out any of the bite-sized learning modules on Forge. These 5 minute presentations give you brief overviews and demos on key development tasks.

Setting up Worksharing Revit Cloud Models using Revit and Forge API

This talk introduces the new Revit 2022 API that improves support to saving cloud worksharing model and demonstrates a sample to migrate Revit cloud worksharing model from BIM 360 Team to BIM 360 Docs.

Viewer debugger tips & tricks (Chrome extension)

This lightning talk covers debugging tips and tricks for the Forge Viewer using a Chrome extension.

From Viewer to Configurator

Presenting Forge Viewer features allowing you to build configurator-like applications.

Forge Viewer React component

This lightning talk will show you how to integrate Forge Viewer React component to Data Visualization project, it mainly aims at expressing how to wrap a children component inside a parent component using React language.

SVF2 the new streaming Viewer format - Model Derivative and BIM 360 impact

This lightning talk will give you an overview of the power of SVF2. It will talk about how to generate this format, and when to consider retranslating existing designs. It covers some details about BIM 360.

Aggregation, linked models and group: advanced Revit model viewing in Forge

This session will show you some useful tips and advanced tricks on how to aggregate Revit models, tell apart from Revit host & linked models, and rebuild the missing Revit group relationship in Forge Viewer.

Upload & Download faster with Direct-to-S3 access

Today's workflow downloads files from OSS, but in the background request S3 to obtain the file. We suggest, a direct download from S3 will bypass the 2nd layer access from OSS and obtain files faster.

Forge keynote debuts October 7 at 9:30AM PST

Join us to learn more about the vision for Forge. Also, hear from Emerson and Accenture on why so many companies are not getting the results they want from their digital transformations – and how Forge and connected data can help. 


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