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Benefit from dedicated time to develop your Forge application – with direct help from Forge engineering experts.



Featured Autodesk University Events

Online Bootcamp

October 19-23

Join the Forge Developer Advocacy Team in an online self training bootcamp with live review sessions across time zones in the Asia Pacific, Europe, and Americas regions. All sessions are in English.

Here is the agenda for the week:

  • October 19: How to view models
  • October 20: Connecting to BIM 360 and Fusion Team
  • October 21: Extending the Viewer
  • October 22: Dashboards
  • October 23: Modify models with Design Automation

Lightning Talks

November 3-4

The Forge Developer Advocacy team will be running a series of lightning talks to showcase some popular solutions you can build using the Forge Platform.

These talks are meant to give Hackathon attendees a chance to get familiar with some advanced uses of the Forge APIs including the Viewer, BIM 360 APIs, and various other applications to inspire your own use of Forge services in order to create your own customized solutions.


November 8-13

Get your creative juices flowing! Grab a team or join one before the hackathon begins, and come ready to code the Forge project you've been dying to develop. The challenges are:

  • Best data visualization application
  • Most innovative Digital Twin application
  • Best workflow automation application
  • Thinking outside the box with a BIM application
  • Best 3D game application

In addition to each of the 5 categories, there will also be a prize awarded to the best overall Forge application

Upcoming Accelerators

Candy Cane, Virtual Accelerator

December 7-11

2020 Accelerator Lineup

Click on a city below to apply for the event. Events marked 'TBD' have been cancelled due to COVID-19. As soon as we are able, we will reschedule them. 

TBD 00

Denver, CO, USA

TBD 00

São Paulo, Brazil

TBD 00

Singapore, Singapore

TBD 00

Tokyo, Japan

TBD 00

Bangalore, India

TBD 00

Boston, MA, USA

TBD 00

Moscow, Russia

TBD 00

Taipei, Taiwan

Want to hear from Accelerator Alumni?

Check out the Forge Partner Talks webinar series to hear form Forge partners on topics like digital twins, AR/VR, dashboards, and configurators.


View the Recordings

Forge partner talks

What is a Forge Accelerator?

A Forge Accelerator is a week-long opportunity for developers to work intensively on a chosen project with help and support directly from Autodesk's Forge team.

Attend an Accelerator to network with industry experts and peers, exchange ideas, and build your proof-of-concept.

Is the Forge Accelerator right for you?

Who should attend: creative developers who want to spend supported time working on Forge projects.

What to expect: advance your Forge application with distraction free, immersive, 1-on-1 support from experts. Most leave with a working proof of concept.

How much does it cost: there are no fees to register or attend a Forge accelerator. If the event is in-person, participants are responsible only for their travel, food, and accommodations. 


The week at a glance

Kick off the week with intros, overviews, and updates from Forge experts. Then roll up your sleeves and code. Forge engineering team members are on hand to troubleshoot and guide you through project issues and challenges. At the close of the event, you'll get to present your prototype to the Forge experts and other attendees.

In addition, you can take advantage of:

  • Autodesk product and development team expertise
  • A focus on important aspects of cloud development
  • Exchanging ideas with developers and industry peers
  • Fun outings like dinner, sporting events, tours, etc. (if in-person)

See what people are saying

"The Accelerator is a really good experience. We came with a laundry list of things a few specific problems we were trying to solve. And having the team say 'you know that IS hard, let's solve it together' was great."

Ben Burris, CTO, Grit Virtual

"I would definitely recommend the Accelerator. It was actually a blessing for us to be here. Free help for us to get going, which is unusual. It probably pushed us a lot farther than we could have back at the office."

Adam Keating, Colab Software

"One of the biggest benefits of the accelerators is definitely getting face-to-face time with Forge experts. We can email back and forth, we can submit issues. But at the end of the day, being able to walk through certain challenges, ask them questions about specific Forge APIs; just like VR meetings, you can solve things must faster because you're actually confronting the problems with people all simultaneously chiming in, rather than the inefficiencies of back and forth emails or slack messages."

Angel Say, CEO, InsiteVR

See what they created

"Having the Forge team there, and being able to just have that real time dialogue is fantastic. It's a nice community to be engaged with and being able to talk to these guys if we run into a problem with the API, or we've got an idea. You come in with an idea and normally by the end you're coming out with a product that needs some polish but you've at least got over the proof of concept stage.  The amount of functionality we now have because we came and said, 'look, we've got this challenge, we're not quite sure how to solve it.' And they worked with us."

Max Mallia-Parfitt, Director of Applied Technologies, Fulcro

"We had made a prototype before we went to the Accelerator. And then we went there and we met with Jim's team and all these amazing guys. And they really helped us to make this application even better."

Frode Tørresdal, Head of Development for BIM and Structural Engineering, Norconsult Information Systems

See what they created

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