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The Forge DevCon finished, and I spent a nice weekend walking around San Francisco.

Saturday, I crossed the Golden Gate bridge and the Marin headlands to Sausalito:

Sunday, I participated in

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The Forge DevCon launches today.

I am putting the final touches to my presentation.

One of them was the migration of
the roomedit3d viewer extension and web app to the new Forge structure:

Forge p

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I returned from the Barcelona Forge Accelerator,
where I started an exciting new project connecting BIM and the cloud demonstrating two cool possibilities to enhance interaction with
the View and Da

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Yesterday, I added a timestamp to
my FireRatingCloud mongodb documents with the intention of retrieving only documents modified after a specific moment.

Today, let's look at filtering for and retri

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The last task I discussed here was
the FireRatingCloud
batch upload functionality.

FireRatingCloud is a C# .NET Revit API add-in REST API MongoDB client of
the fireratingdb
MongoDB web serv

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Before getting technical, let me mention that I had a great time with Markus and Wolfgang on ski tours climbing a couple of mountains around the Gemmipass last weekend:

Back to the technical stuf

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I am still in London for our internal European ADN DevTech meeting, returning back to Switzerland at lunchtime today, with the next ski tour coming up tomorrow   :-)

Just before we arrived,

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