João Martins

João Martins

Developer Advocate, Forge

Joined the Developer Advocates team in 2020, João works mostly with .NET application. He is a Civil Engineer graduate with experience in software development. You can count on him to help you with your AEC related topics.

Posts by João Martins

September 17, 2021

Reading a BIM360/ACC project recursively

Files and folders extraction sample This sample demonstrates how to retrieve data of all the folders and files on a specific project to show on a table and export it as CSV. Introduction ...

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September 10, 2021

Coffee Without Commitment

INTRODUCTION Come join us to talk about Forge while we drink a cup of coffee without commitment in Portuguese. If you're looking for some open space to talk about Forge with other develop...

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July 8, 2021

How do you add labels to Forge Viewer

Part I - TextGeometry This will be the first of a series of three blog posts covering methods for adding labels to your models. In this part, we'll be focusing more on how to add text geo...

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