Vinod Shukla

Vinod Shukla

Vinod Shukla is a Partner Solutions Architect with Amazon Web Services. He has over a decade of experience designing and building high-performance, enterprise-grade software systems. As part of the AWS Quick Starts team, he enjoys working with partners to provide technical guidance and assistance in building gold-standard reference deployments that are fully automated, highly available, and secure. He is also an active contributor in the open-source community.

Prior to joining Amazon Web Services, Vinod worked as a senior software engineer for Atypon Systems, where he developed and maintained the RightSuite product line. RightSuite is an enterprise access-control and e-commerce solution used by many of the world's largest publishing and media companies.

Posts by Vinod Shukla

November 11, 2019

[Guest Blog] Continuous delivery: How to easily take your Forge application from Development to Production

This is a guest blog submitted by Tom 'Elvis' Jones, a Solutions Architect with Amazon Web Services, Vinod Shukla, a Partner Solutions Architect with Amazon Web Services, and Jaime Rosales...

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