November 13, 2022

ACC File Export PDF API is in General Availability

We are pleased to inform you that Autodesk Construction Cloud (ACC) File Export API is out of private beta now. It has been officially released. We appreciate all testers of private beta.

In ACC Files you can export PDFs with both standard markups and feature markups (issues, photos and measurements). For more information about markups, please check the Markups Help.

The released API is for Files module. It allows you export pdf with:

  • standard markups, published or unpublished
  • feature markups, published or unpublished. Currently, it supports issue and photo.
  • markup links

This API can export multiple PDF( maximum of 200 files ) to single ZIP file. When the exporting is requested(POST PDF File Export), a job will start. GET Export Status tells the status of the job.  When it completes successfully, it provides an S3 signed URL for downloading. The URL will be valid for 1 hour. 


Note: The API for export Sheets to pdf  will be available in the future.

Enjoy this API !

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