November 3, 2018

BIM 360 Issues API Changes

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Attention BIM 360 Issues API developers –   


There will be a semantic change introduced to the current BIM 360 Issues API around AU/DevCon Las Vegas time frame. Field Issues and Document Issues will be consolidated as a single set of Issues; i.e., Field Issues will include Document Issues, and Document Issues will be deprecated.


This change is expected to take place alongside of product’s Issues data migration and UI changes. At AU Las Vegas, you will hear the product team announcing the change and describe the detail. This is a part of enhancement that BIM 360 team is making in the effort to expand Issues functionalities to other modules and to provide a consistent, unified Issues feature. 


So, what does this mean for BIM 360 developer? 


First, be aware of the following changes: 


1. all the endpoints for Document Issues (/issues) will be deprecated.*1


*1) Document Issues endpoints will stop working after April 30, 2019.


2. all the endpoints for Field Issues () will remain. However, the semantic of Field Issues will be the consolidated Issues.


i.e., when you call


you will get a collection of both Document and Field Issues included. To distinguish between Document and Field Issues, you will need to check the following value: 


data.attributes.ng_issue_type_id = “<issue-type-GUID>”


You should be able to obtain the definition of issue-type-GUID as well as issue-subtype-GUID, using the following REST call:   




Document Issues will have ng-issue-type of “Design”. This type should be added to the above call.   


To obtain a list of Document Issues, you can use a following query parameter:

filter[ng_issue_type_id] = “<issue-type-GUID-for-design>”


To obtain a list of Field Issues, you can to use a concatinated form of all the ng-issue-types except the one for design:


filter[ng_issue_type_id] = “<issue-type-GUID-for-quality>,<issue-type-GUID-for-safty>,<issue-type-GUID-for-punch-list> … “


Alternatively, you may obtain entire list, and filter yourself. 




Q1. What happens if I keep using POST document-issues or anything that tried to POST/PATCH with document-issues, command and attachments?


A1. POST will create a new issue with type = “Design”. GET issues/issue will return issues only with type = “Design”.


Q2. Is there a way for us as a 3rd party developer to get an early hands to test this change?


A2. No. Changes will apply when the product side releases the new unified issues.


Q3. What happens to permission and locations. They are different between Document Issues and Field Issues.


A3. New permissions rules will apply to existing Document Issues. As a result, you may notice different set of issues being returned for some users. Create Document Issues will fail if the user has no “Create” or “Full Control” permissions. There will be also “Answered” permit status is added. These change will be analogous to the UI.





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