June 5, 2020

Coffee break

This week we're running the 4th virtual Accelerator, Atlantis. Cool name, right? Before that, we had Metropolis, Cloudville, and Crane Tower. One of the cool things about a virtual event is the ability to have more experts available during the event, people with a wide range of expertise in the Forge services. That lead to a new experiment: coffee break sessions with the Forge team and the various teams attending. 

Just like in the office, our virtual coffee break went in the same way: get together in the "kitchen" to catch up on what other teams are doing, share some ideas and, of course, grab a coffee to help concentrate (if you're like me and enjoy a coffee or simply need it to keep coding). It was a great excuse to see what the teams were up to, maybe talk about the weather, or share some articles, ideas, code... 

It turns out there are so many other developers out there. What about running that this summer? Coffee goes with any weather and summer is a good time to start new projects.  

So here it is!  

During this summer, every other Wednesday, starting June 17th, 8 am US-Pacific (11 am US-Eastern, 5 pm Central Europe). Let's get together and talk about what's new, what's coming, review some articles, and have a good cup of coffee.  

Any requirement? 

Yes, you need a coffee mug. 

How? Link below.


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