ConFoo 2017, Montreal - AAR

March 13, 2017

A very nice event called "ConFoo" took place in Montreal last week (March 8-10), with a cool venue and an outstanding organization.

The content turned to be also quite diverse, ranging from performance and cloud computing, going through web-development and machine learning, and ending with protocols "dissection" and cryptography pistfalls.

Even the coffee-break time was taken care of, with opportunities to socialize and even stretch yourself a bit with people you (yet) don't know:


There were many interesting talks, but my favourite turned to be the one I expected the least: "DNS for Developers" by Maarten Balliauw, where he goes beyond DNS basics and explains how it can be used for some unexpected things, like fetching webpages through DNS.

The conference proved to be interesting and diverse, and I had the chance to contribute to its diversity with my presentation called "3D on the Web", which I think was well received, yet there is room for imprоvemens, as some of participants gently mentioned in their feedbacks.

The main idea was to explain how (in my opinion) through accessibility and usefulness, the "3D thing" is getting momentum as a web content, and how different 3D viewers in general, and Autodesk Forge Viewer in particular, approaches this subject.

If you missed my presentation, or if you just want to review it's content, my slides are available at, where the WebGL based things are embedded right into presentation and make it more or less interactive.


Overall, nice conference, good content and very good organization:






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