August 25, 2022

Forge Community News - August 2022

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Get ready for the 2022 Forge Hackathon!
Join us virtually from September 19-23 (the week before Autodesk University 2022) to hack together the Forge project you’ve always wanted to build. The prizes this year are better than ever, so get excited and come ready to tackle one of our six challenges.
Hackathon details
Register for AU
Developer updates
Autodesk Build Sheets API
Autodesk Build Sheets API Now Available
Our new Autodesk Build Sheets API allows you to publish a multi-page PDF file and distribute individual pages (sheets) to use in the field.
More details
Retiring Model Coordination Indexing (v1) API Endpoints
Retiring Model Coordination Indexing (v1) API Endpoints
With the availability of Model Properties API, Autodesk plans to retire four Model Coordination API endpoints.
Learn more
Pricing changes for Reality Capture API
Pricing changes for Reality Capture API
On September 7, we are updating our Reality Capture API pricing from a per gigapixel approach to a per photo approach. The new pricing should help customers streamline cost and usage estimates since photo size will no longer be the determining factor on processing Reality Capture API calls.
OSS deprecation
OSS migrating to Direct-to-S3 approach
Direct binary streaming data management endpoints will be deprecated September 30, 2022. Impacted applications will need to migrate to Autodesk's new set of Data Management API endpoints, allowing direct upload and download from an underlying AWS S3 bucket.
Latest code samples and tips
  • Understanding Data URI scheme in Design Automation workflows
  • Source code of Viewer extensions
  • Using argument "adskDebug" to troubleshot failure job of Design Automation
  • 403 (Forbidden) "Maximum number of versions is 100."
  • ACC/BIM 360 Insight Data Connector API - Project Level Access
  • application/json vs application/graphql
  • Varying number of input files for work item
  • Various uses of Autodesk log-in
  • Design Automation will URL Decode the Data URI in argument
Fusion Data API now generally available
Fusion Data APIs
Fusion Data is the first of three cloud information models to provide READ and WRITE capabilities to your Fusion 360 models. This post includes a video walkthrough of an end-to-end workflow example.
OSS deprecation
Getting Started with Forge Data Services
Want to learn more about our newest Forge Data services – Fusion Data and Data Exchange? Here's a collection of our latest documentation along with Getting Started videos.
Get help from the Forge team
Coffee Break
Coffee Break
Every 2 weeks, join Autodesk Developer Advocates to chat about what's new and upcoming with Forge over a cup of coffee.
doctor holding tablet
The Doctor Is In
Book an appointment with a Forge expert and receive live answers to your technical or business questions. We're here to help!
Coffee Without Commitment
Coffee Without Commitment
A Forge coffee break just for our Portuguese developer community! Join us for the next chat on September 15th.
In case you missed it...
Bringing no-waste construction within reach
Oslo-based software startup Sparkel is on a mission to reduce the over-ordering and wasted materials common in construction projects. Their procurement tool uses Forge's Model Derivative APIs to extract data from BIM models and display it in a web browser.
Allied BIM
Powering productivity increases in prefab
Designers can typically send a machine shop about 10 drawings a day. But with Allied BIM’s automated data flow, they can push through 80 spools—an 800% productivity gain. It can also send designers real-time updates when they’re ready for more sets of instructions.
Calls for feedback
Export PDF API
Autodesk Construction Cloud Export PDF API
Autodesk Docs product team is currently working on exposing Export PDF API. The team would like to have feedback through a private beta.
Model Derivative Call for Feedback
Model Derivative DWG translation changes
Do you use Forge's Model Derivative API to translate DWG files for Viewing? Help us by taking a minute to tell us about your workflow.
Fusion Data Extensibility Private Beta
Fusion Data Extensibility Private Beta
Join our Fusion Data Extensibility Private Beta beginning at the end of this month and test the first iteration of the Fusion Data extensibility feature.
Upcoming events
Forge Data Days, Singapore
Forge Data Days Singapore
September 8th. Join us for one of our last remaining Forge Data Days of 2022. This one-day, in-person event will demonstrate how to fully unlock the value of your data.
Forge Online Bootcamp
Forge Online Bootcamp
September 13th-16th. Join the Developer Advocacy & Support Team for the next Forge Online Bootcamp, taking place as part of the pre-events for Autodesk University 2022.
7 must attend classes at AU
7 must-attend Forge classes at AU 2022
Autodesk University is just around the corner, September 27th-29th. Take a closer look at some of these special Forge-tailored classes happening this year.

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