September 19, 2017

Forge Fund Welcomes ManufactOn

ManufactOn Supply Chain
Autodesk Forge invests in ManufactON

The Forge Fund welcomes its newest member of the family, ManufactOn.

To meet growing demand and improve profitability and productivity, the construction industry continues to transform by increasing adoption of methods found in the manufacturing industry such as prefabrication and modular work. While there are many software applications in the manufacturing industry to help manage the supply chain process, there really has not been any built for the unique needs of the construction industry, linking contractors and fabricators on a common platform. ManufactOn closes that gap and the investment supports our growing leadership in the continuing move to industrialized construction.

ManufactOn is a SaaS (mobile/web) platform that helps construction firms plan, track and manage both prefabrication and regular material handling. ManufactOn makes information visible to all general and trade contractors involved in a project, including coordinators, detailers, procurement, shop foremen, field superintendents, and project leaders.

Customers are looking forward to the potential that ManufactOn promises.

“Supply chain management and visibility remain one of the critical challenges in the construction industry,” said Eric Lamb, Executive Vice President and member of Management Committee for DPR Construction. “DPR wants to change the world and believes that technology is fundamentally going to change the way we deliver construction. DPR is partnering with ManufactOn to move our industry forward, and a supply chain solution focused on construction has tremendous opportunities to drive out waste and bring more predictability to the construction process.”

“We had been struggling to provide visibility into our production “black box” to our project coordinators and field superintendents,” said Brian Potter, President, and CEO of TG Gallagher, a large mechanical subcontractor in Cambridge, MA. “In addition to helping our shop foremen organize production, the mobile app from ManufactOn is used by our field and office teams to know exactly what has been produced and where it is right now.  We use the Autodesk portfolio as well and are excited to see the Autodesk and ManufactOn partnership to further drive and connect our prefabrication strategy into BIM.”

Autodesk Forge saw huge potential in combining ManufactOn's supply chain efforts with the power of the Forge platform.

“Autodesk’s Forge Fund investment in ManufactOn advances industrialized construction by providing construction firms the tools needed to manage the fabrication supply chain,” said Jim Lynch, Autodesk Vice President Construction Products. “Each day of delay on a project is a potential budget buster and integrating ManufactOn’s service with Autodesk’s BIM 360 construction management platform enables our shared customers to reduce risk by providing critical insight into any potential supply chain problem.”

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