Forge NextGen: Webinars and Accelerator

April 17, 2018

Are you ready to learn about the new technologies that will become available on the Forge platform? Want to be among the first to learn and implement the new features and APIs?  Then you watch these webinars!

Webinar 1 of 2
The Future of Making Things on Forge: Sneak Peek at Forge NextGen (HFDM & App Framework)
Presenter:  Lior Gerling, Sr. Product Manager Forge Platform

Watch the recording

Webinar 2 of 2
A technical introduction to Forge High Frequency Data Management (HFDM) SDK and Forge App Framework
Presenter:  Kai Schroeder, Engineering Manager, Forge Platform

Watch the recording

Join the Forge NextGen Accelerator June 18-22

Build a proof of concept using the newest APIs and SDKs from Forge

If you want to put your newly learned skills to test and build a proof of concept, apply to the upcoming Forge Accelerator in San Francisco, CA.

As a reminder, attending the accelerators is free. Attendees are responsible for travel and per diem. 

Here's how to apply:

Send all the information requested below via email to

To get a position in the Accelerator make sure you submit a detailed proposal – you can write up to 2,000 words. When choosing who participates in the Forge Accelerator class, Autodesk will be looking for the following elements in your proposal:

  • Use of Autodesk Forge APIs to fill a compelling customer need. (Specifically the NextGen items, but do also include any detail on other APIs you plan to use: Data Management API, Model Derivative API, Viewer, Design Automation API,  BIM 360 API, Reality Capture API, Fusion 360 Client API).
  • Likelihood of having a demonstrable prototype by the end of the Accelerator.
  • Strong development skills.
  • High motivation.

Special note:  We encourage you to include any images or documents as part of your proposal in addition to the information listed below.

All the following information is required:

1.  Company Name

2.  Company Address

3.  Proposer:

Name of the person to contact about the proposal

Phone Number

Email address

4.  Attendees – the names and email addresses of the one or two people who will attend the accelerator

Attendee 1 name

Attendee 1 email

Attendee 2 name

Attendee 2 email

5.  Autodesk APIs to be used – indicate all applicable

Forge Next Gen (HFDM and App Framework)

Data Management

Model Derivative API

Design Automation API



Reality Capture API 

Fusion 360 API

6.  Your proposal – explain in not more than 2000 words why you should be a participant.

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