October 4, 2018

Showing PDF files in the Viewer


This is how my code used to load 2D models:

geometryItems = Autodesk.Viewing.Document.getSubItemsWithProperties(doc.getRootItem(), {
    'type': 'geometry',
    'role': '2d'
}, true);

if (geometryItems.length > 0) {
    var path = doc.getViewablePath(geometryItems[0]);
    var options = {};
    viewer.loadModel(path, options);

However, this throws an error that the relevant resources could not be found when trying to load a PDF document.

Now there is a new function to load your models which will also take care of loading PDF files, called loadDocumentNode()

Here is the updated code that works :)

if (geometryItems.length > 0) {
    viewer.loadDocumentNode(doc, geometryItems[0]);


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