April 5, 2018

Viewer Release Notes: v4.1

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Glazing Materials

Glazing materials are now supported.


  • Fixed problem with initialization of viewer with multi-model.
  • Fixed size of first person panel in Spanish language.
  • Hidden properties are now skipped when evaluating instance_of relationships.
  • Viewer no longer fails with jQuery slim.
  • Default text is now provided for null selection in model properties.
  • cloneMaterial() now copies disableEnvMap property.
  • Fixed missing layers for a 2D model that gets loaded after a previous one was unloaded.


Settings UX Redesign

The viewer Settings dialog has been redesigned for improved ease of use.

Settings are now presented in a modal dialog featuring better functional grouping of settings and detailed new descriptions of each viewer option.  The dialog for 3D models comprises four tabs--Performance, Navigation, Appearance, and Environment.  For 2D sheets there are three tabs–Performance, Navigation, and Appearance.

(Table 1) 3D Settings Panel

Existing 3D Settings (Version 4.0 and earlier)


New 3D Settings (Version 4.1)


(Table 2) 2D Settings Panel

Existing 2D settings (Version 4.0 and earlier)


New 2D Settings (Version 4.1)



  • On IOS, Fit to view fails for 2D models
  • WebVR extension fails in 4.0.x and 4.1.0

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