September 11, 2017

Ways to get a Forge DevCon Pass

This blog post goes into detail on ticket options to get you to Forge DevCon.

Forge DevCon at Autodesk University Las Vegas is coming up fast.

At Forge DevCon we focus on how to leverage data, the cloud and APIs to create new solutions for design and engineering. Autodesk University is the perfect venue for the event as it is the annual flagship event for those that design and make the world around us. A win/win combination for a well-rounded learning experience.

If you are planning to attend or just considering it, there are a few key things you should be aware of about tickets to ensure you get access to everything you want at this year’s event.

Best Value – Forge DevCon + AU

The best value to attend both conferences is to purchase the combination pass. Until October 16, a combined ticket costs $1,845. That breaks out to $1750 for AU and only $95 for Forge DevCon.

Note that after October 15, while the Forge DevCon price remains unchanged at $95, the AU ticket price will increase to $2,175.

Get Your Ticket

Already have a pass to AU but not DevCon? No problem.

Customer service is ready to help. You can still add Forge DevCon for $95 until tickets are sold out. All you have to do is email them and they will add it for only $95.

Customer service can be reached at or call 888-371-1722 (toll-free in the United States) or 415-446-7717.

To one click add, click the button below and an email with “Add Forge DevCon to my AU Pass” will queue up, all you need to do is hit send! Customer service will then respond with details to complete your purchase.

Add Forge DevCon to AU

Just want to come to Forge DevCon?

We’ve got you covered. Forge DevCon ticket costs $295 and will not change. You are welcome to purchase anytime. Do note that if you already have an AU ticket, you’ll want to contact customer service as you’ll save $200.

Get Your Ticket

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