AMC Bridge


The Forge platform helped AMC Bridge build software applications that provide a single source of truth for sharing design documents.

AMC Bridge provides software development to businesses that develop or use various forms of engineering software. From design packages to data management, product lifecycle management (PLM) to building information modeling (BIM) systems, AMC Bridge combines these services with extensive domain knowledge to help its clients achieve their technical and business goals.

AMC Bridge application graphic


AMC Bridge’s clients in the design, engineering, and manufacturing industries increasingly require software solutions that offer data sharing, collaboration, and interoperability on a single cloud platform—and those solutions must be cost effective.

How AMC Bridge solved it with Forge.

AMC Bridge leverages the Forge platform to develop client apps with customized automation, expanded functional capabilities, and the ability to transfer and translate design data between apps. Users can access and view secure design data from numerous sources, enabling greater collaboration and the ability to modify and review information as they see fit. AMC Bridge also created an application that works with Autodesk Fusion 360. With this solution, customers in the manufacturing industry can seamlessly share and manage bill-of-materials information.

“The ability to use design and engineering data and share it in this way allows AMC Bridge to solve longstanding problems for customers and tackle new issues quickly as they arise.”

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