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Spanish consulting firm Apogea was founded in 2016 with the aim of driving change in the construction industry. The company comprises a multidisciplinary team that employs innovative digital technologies to help clients in the AECO (architecture, engineering, construction, and operations) industries to realize their goals. Projects include urban infrastructure and residential development, structural optimization, facilities engineering, digitalization of design and construction processes, sustainable architecture and construction, and development and management of digital building and infrastructure models throughout their lifecycles. Apogea was awarded the Innovative SME stamp by the Spanish Ministry of Industry, and serves clients throughout Spain with projects in the United Kingdom and the Middle East.



Paper-based processes continue to bog down AECO projects, leading to inefficient, time-consuming communications, incorrect shared information, and ineffective collaboration and decision making. The result is costly reworking of unnecessary errors, which delays the delivery of projects and sometimes even brings them to a standstill.

How Apogea solved it with Forge.

Apogea used the power of Forge to develop the applications BIMTABLE, BIMMEET, and ASSETLY as a way to digitalize and streamline project workflows, simplify collaboration and communications, and improve data management.

Apogea implements two- and three-legged authentication with the Authentication API. The team uses the Model Derivative API to upload project models, storing them in various destinations for quick charts setup and data integration. Users can extract model metadata and create tables, and the model files are translated and made viewable as 3D models through the Viewer API on web-based browsers.

Along with the Viewer API—which enables users to access and collaborate on models across devices from any location—Apogea augments model visualization with the additional features provided by the Data Visualization API. The Design Automation API lets users update a model’s families and parameters, bringing the model up to date in turn. The firm uses the BIM 360 API as a central tool for in-house application developments.

Forge highlights include the following:

  • Streamlines workflows and enables effective collaboration.
  • Speeds project development and delivery.
  • Improves finished projects, winning the firm more projects.
BIM 360
Civil 3D

“When you start with the Forge APIs, you immediately see that everything you need is covered.”—Manuel Romero, Developer Advocate, Apogea

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