CAD & Company Improves Quality Assurance and Productivity in BIM.

That's what they did. What about you?


CAD & Company recognized the Forge platform could provide what customers need to innovate and improve their competitive edge. Forge offers new capabilities such as exporting elements of a 3D model to different formats at a speed and collaborative manner their dispersed teams hadn’t experienced before.

CAD & Company develops software and implements Autodesk solutions for construction, civil engineering, and manufacturing customers. Its BLDNG360, BuildingContent, and Collaborea apps help clients complete high-quality projects faster and more efficiently.


Civil Engineering


CAD & Company wanted to move from providing desktop solutions and services to developing cloud applications. First it developed BLDNG360, which displays building models to clients online, but the company soon realized it needed to transfer the complex 3D models to a more viewable format. The developers learned that the Forge Viewer and Model Derivative API would help them do that through providing functionality such as exporting elements to different file formats.

How CAD & Company solved it with Forge.

Using the Forge Viewer, CAD & Company built BuildingContent, which hosts Autodesk Revit families of high-quality building elements in a public library. Then CAD & Company used both the Model Derivative API and Forge Viewer to create Collaborea, a smart logbook for checking building models that reduces the need for lists, spreadsheets, emails, and unnecessary phone calls.

CAD & Company application

“When CAD & Company embraced the cloud, it started with the idea of showing building models to its clients. That required providing better building components and giving users a tool to check their building models.”