Forge Viewer provided CCTech with a reliable and scalable 3D visualization solution.

CCTech provides CAD product development and customization to clients in the computational engineering field. The company used Forge APIs to develop simulationHub, a cloud-based computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulation platform.

simulationHub by CCTech workflow graphic


Traditionally, CFD simulations are complex, costly, and require heavy computational power. CCTech aimed to solve these challenges with a simple browser-based solution. The software development necessary to create it also needed to be fast, affordable, and ready for feature expansion and integration.

How CCTech solved it with Forge.

Forge Viewer provides a reliable and scalable 3D visualization solution. Running resource-intensive CFD simulations in the cloud enables the customers of CCTech to free up their computers and resources for other tasks and to accelerate innovation. This has influenced CCTech to also focus on accelerating product development and innovation, with the goal to make CFD simulations faster and more cost-effective for designers. New solutions from CCTech include more complex platform features and integrations with Autodesk Fusion 360 and other third-party components. All of this enhances the ability for CCTech to scale, to improve the performance and productivity of its team, and to better meet its customers’ needs.

“We have a small team, and need to be incredibly efficient. By leveraging the Forge APIs, we have accelerated our development by focusing on new functionality rather than reinventing the wheel.”

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