Dragon Innovation


Dragon Innovation helps companies go safely and quickly from prototype to production.




With a small development team, Dragon Innovation needed to help customers quickly take their product concepts from design through prototyping and into volume manufacturing.

How Dragon Innovation solved it with Forge.

Using Forge’s Viewer and Data Management APIs, Dragon Innovation developed a Bill of Materials [BOM] management tool to provide greater transparency and integration for multiple stages of the design to production process. The new tool will allow customers to upload 3D models in a variety of CAD formats, see their designs, view and manage the BOM, and then share with manufacturing and productions experts—all from Dragon Innovation’s website.

Forge helped increase Dragon’s productivity and impact by letting them focus on accelerated development and new functionality. All of which is good news for Dragon’s customers, who can now get their solutions to market faster—improving competitive advantage and enabling them to scale their businesses.

“We have a small team, and need to be incredibly efficient. By leveraging the Forge APIs, we have accelerated our development by focusing on new functionality rather than reinventing the wheel.”

Scott Miller
Dragon Innovation

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