Intelsys can integrate BIM and ERP technologies without additional middleware, BIM data, or specific design software—simplifying processes, and increasing transparency and productivity through 3D visualization.

Intelsys develops advanced software solutions for SAP clients in EC&O (engineering, construction, and operations) through BIM and SAP integrations. Committed to helping companies implement leaner, more efficient digital approaches, the firm created the Forge-powered cloud solution


Traditional real estate development and construction involves many stakeholders and an extremely fragmented process. Unstructured data is scattered across various systems and databases, making everything difficult to track and manage. This lack of integration is one of the root causes of the industry’s elevated inefficiency and low productivity, and it led to Intelsys’ wider adoption of what Forge has to offer by focusing on BIM.

How Intelsys solved it with Forge. lets EC&O firms manage all business processes in one system. It’s based both on SAP S/4HANA, with pre-configured business processes, and Autodesk® Forge, for accessing BIM data, design collaboration, and visualization. uses the Data Management API to extract BIM data for use in SAP business processes, and the Model Derivative API to translate designs into SVF for extracting data into BIM platforms and for rendering files in Forge Viewer (which the technology has embedded for powerful visualization and BIM-to-SAP data links).

Impact highlights include the following:

- Stakeholders can reduce errors, improve decision latency, and increase information visibility and traceability. Linking BIM objects and SAP master data objects lets stakeholders visualize business processes and link documents to the BIM model. 

- Consolidating the process in one system makes information easy to find—as well as view, monitor, and analyze through 3D visualizations.

- Forge is based on industry-standard technologies like JavaScript and HTML5, which let Intelsys start development quickly.

“The Forge platform helps us create the increasingly important link between the digital and physical world. With, we’ve connected the core business processes with BIM and created the foundation for building future innovations.”

Peeter Pärna, CEO, Intelsys

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