Part of MakeTime's mantra is to bolster US manufacturing. As a result, they have worked to eliminate barriers with their online platform to quickly match orders from customers to idle computer numerically controlled (CNC) machines. The result is faster production times and reduced costs.




MakeTime was ready to connect designers to pre-vetted manufacturers, but first they needed a transparent process and uniform design specs that could be efficiently communicated—minimizing and eliminating errors wherever possible.

How MakeTime solved it with Forge.

The Forge platform enables MakeTime to securely connect their customer’s Autodesk Fusion 360 and MakeTime accounts so design data can flow from one to the other. MakeTime can then determine the manufacturability of the design, provide instant pricing and prepare the designs to be delivered to MakeTime’s supply chain of machine shops located across the United States. With Forge, MakeTime’s integration with Fusion 360 allows real time manufacturability analysis and requotes as the design changes.

Forge provided the design data needed for MakeTime to deliver features, like their instant pricing algorithm, which allows them to transform their supplier expertise into a connected design to manufacturing solution. Today, MakeTime is able to do just what its' name implies: reduces the time from design to quote from days to minutes—and from quote to part-in-hand from weeks to days.

“Autodesk’s Forge platform is a great engine enabling our customers to collaborate and quickly iterate - and helping us deliver the design information needed by our supply chain to quickly quote and produce their designs.”

Todd Pritts
Chief Product Officer

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