“The Forge platform and Fusion 360 offer Newman Cloud a fantastic opportunity to address customers’ desire to take advantage of cloud CAD.”
—Oleg Shilovitsky, Newman Cloud CEO

Newman Cloud helps manufacturers and hardware startups manage bill-of-materials (BoMs) and inventories across distributed teams of engineers, contractors, supply chain managers, and contract manufacturing. The company’s cloud-based solution is openBoM.




Newman Cloud’s customers faced a need to simplify bill-of-materials management in manufacturing because of the industry’s increasingly distributed workforce. Customers also need to decrease variable costs, increase efficiencies, and improve online collaboration across multiple teams in the supply chain.

How openBoM solved it with Forge.

Newman Cloud used the Forge Platform and Autodesk Fusion 360 to develop openBoM, a cloud-based document-sharing platform that removes the need for the spreadsheets typically used to manage BoMs. Data can be shared across internal teams, manufacturers, and suppliers, enabling simultaneous online editing across geographic boundaries.

openBoM by Newman Cloud application

“openBoM needed to access federated design data sources in order to be a design-to-production system, so the company put the Forge Data Management API to work importing spreadsheet data.”

Oleg Shilovitsky
Newman Cloud

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