Grundfos with Xinaps

Design and Manufacturing

With Forge-powered Xinaps solutions, Grundfos integrates into the design-build chain, speeding the product-selection process and cutting costs.

Grundfos specializes in water technology, providing advanced pump solutions worldwide. The firm helps its partners deliver drinking water, remove wastewater, and regulate temperatures in the smallest villages and highest skyscrapers. Xinaps creates software solutions that help firms like Grundfos improve productivity, decision making, and quality of services.


In water technology, pump solutions differ according to building requirements. And as design plans evolve, the products needed—such as water boosters—can change. Due to incompatible software, Grundfos had difficulty accessing the latest project designs. The company had to work outside of BIM models, manually transferring data in a time-consuming and costly process. To more fully integrate into the design-build chain, Grundfos turned to Xinaps.

How Xinaps solved it with Forge.

Using Forge, Xinaps provides customers with Revit-extending solutions that improve calculation, automation, and cloud-collaboration capabilities—synchronously linking workflow and communication among all stakeholders.

Xinaps’ Forge-powered solutions provided Grundfos with new algorithms that reduced product selection from days to minutes. Additionally, Grundfos could start collaborating directly in the cloud-based BIM model—informed by up-to-the-minute data and specifications. With this access, the firm can accurately communicate with stakeholders very early in the design process, increasing its influence in the project and helping to eliminate mistakes down the line. And Grundfos could recapture the time previously wasted on the manual sharing of data elements outside of the model.

  • Grundfos’s product-selection process is streamlined, reducing it from days to minutes.

  • Forge Viewer lets Grundfos customers—even those working outside Revit—see visual representations of the latest data and specifications, allowing for real-time decision making and ultimately reducing errors and cost.

  • Project managers can implement version control, helping to eliminate steps and potential mistakes.

“Utilizing the power of Forge, Xinaps is bringing Grundfos's expertise to the cloud.”

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