Data Management API

Access and manage files and data in Autodesk cloud storage with the Data Management API

Access A360, Fusion Team, and BIM 360 data

Utilize the Data Management API to access BIM 360 Docs, Fusion Team, A360 Personal, and BIM 360 Team projects. Navigate to, access, and manage folders, items, and versions of the items that are part of the projects. For example, you can access a Fusion Model in Fusion Team, access the structure of items, extract their IDs and properties, and generate a Bill-of-Materials for that model.


See a code sample connecting BIM 360 to One Drive

Access Files and Data in Autodesk Cloud Storage
Data Management API

Use the Data Management API as a Cloud Storage Service

Use the Object Storage Service (OSS) to store and retrieve application data for the apps you create. You are not restricted to CAD file formats. You can store and retrieve any file type, even multimedia files such as photos and videos. For example, you can upload photos to the OSS, use the Reality Capture API to generate a 3D object (*.svf), store it on the Object Storage Service, and download it on demand.


See a walkthrough that accesses images stored on OSS

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