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On June 15 and 16, Autodesk welcomed more than 1,000 developers, innovators and entrepreneurs to San Francisco to come together to learn, code, network and discover the power of connecting with the Forge platform.
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DevCon 2016

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Forge DevCon 2016 keynotes

This year’s conference keynotes provided Autodesk’s vision for Forge, essential details about Forge technology and business model as well as inspiring examples from companies already building on the platform.

Amar Hanspal, Senior VP, Products, Autodesk

Ben Cochran, Senior Software Architect, Autodesk

Chris Anderson, Founder & CEO, 3D Robotics

Robort Bodor, VP & GM, ProtoLabs

Autodesk Forge DevCon Day 1 Highlights

Thiago da Costa, Sr. Prod. Mgr Cloud Platforms, Autodesk

Tracks and sessions

Forge DevCon featured a cross-discipline lineup to provide a balanced perspective on the new technologies for design and manufacturing. Sign up below to get updates about post conference resources and to stay in the loop for next year!

1. Guest Track: SF JavaScript

The San Francisco Javascript Meetup Group will be hosting a curated selection of classes featuring some of the best speakers and presentations on general web programming topics. Open to all attendees.

2. Virtual and Augmented Reality

Applications of virtual and augmented reality for Design, Make, and Use. Includes hardware, content creation, and interactivity, particularly in the context of the web as an enabling technology for VR and AR experiences.

3. Forge Basics

A series of classes to introduce you to visualization, collaboration, photogrammetry, the transition from desktop to cloud, file translation, data extraction, security, and general web programming topics.

4. Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC)

A meeting point for people who are concerned with our built environment. Topics in this track include cloud-based collaboration for construction and building management; workflows connecting Building Information Modeling (BIM) with fabrication; and Generative Design.

5. Design & Manufacturing

Learn from peers and industry experts how you can accelerate and manage your design and fabrication workflows and address new industry opportunities by exploiting the critical and complex intersection of software, hardware, materials, and communities.

6. Business Development

Learn about emerging opportunities in the manufacturing and AEC industries and get some practical tips on how to setup your startup for success.

7. Internet of Things

Implementing Internet of Things at a commercial or industrial scale presents huge challenges in managing the production, consumption, storage, and movement of massive amounts of information; and the processing and presentation of that information in meaningful ways. Learn about the challenges and opportunities presented by the convergence of intelligent devices and big data.

8. Bonus Workshops, Meetups, Parties & More!

Autodesk Forge DevCon is packed full of opportunities to learn, code, network, and have fun! This section lists a few bonus workshops and events to help you make the most out of your experience. Explore events in and around Ft. Mason and enjoy your time in San Francisco.


Forge DevCon featured an impressive lineup of keynote speakers that are pushing the boundaries of the Future of Making Things. 

Carl Bass

CEO Autodesk

Mackenzie Kosut

Principal Startup Evangelist, Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Dona Sarkar

Principal Product Person, Microsoft HoloLens

Mark Stocks

Director of Information Architecture, JE Dunn Construction

Robert Bodor

Vice President & General Manager, Americas, Proto Labs

Chris Anderson

Founder & CEO, 3D Robotics

Amar Hanspal

Senior Vice President, Products, Autodesk

Thiago da Costa

Senior Product Manager, Autodesk

Ben Cochran

Forge Software Architect, Autodesk

Padma Duvvuri

Head of Business Development, Electric Imp

Tom Jones

Solutions Architect, Amazon Web Services

Ben O’Donnell

Chief Technology Officer, BIMobjec

Sujee Maniyam

Founder & Principal, Elephant Scale

Farid Elias

Software Architect, Globant

Freddy Rangel

Front-End Engineer, HelloSign

Daniel Obodovski

Author, Innovation Advisor and Keynote Speaker

Samer Buna

Lead Engineer, AgileLabs

Jay Olearain

Director Connected Solutions - IOT | Verizon

Ania Lipka

Principal Developer, Autodesk

Alex Tessier

Research Scientist, Autodesk Research

Kelly Cone

Innovations Director, The Beck Group

Peter Saint-Andre

Vice President of Strategy, Filament

Dorian Ferlauto

Founder & CEO, BriteHub

Jia Huang

Software Engineer, 3D Robotics

Lucas Wang


Oleg Shilovitsky

Co-Founder & CEO, openBoM

Galia Traub

Senior Software Engineer, BIM 360, Autodesk

Johannes Probst

Vice President Simulation Engineering

Derrick Calderon

Vice President, Business Development, Ingenu

Todd Pritts

Chief Product Officer

Tracy McSheery

CEO, PhaseSpace

Brian Haines

Director, FM:Systems

Kristiaan Riemslagh

Co-Founder and Software Architect, hsbCAD

Scott Miller


Bill Young

Fabrication Specialist, ShopBot Tools Inc.
Mikako Harada

Mikako Harada

Ryan Susanna

Director, Sales, Logisense

Tony Parisi

VP, Web and Open Technologies, Wevr

Josh Carpenter

Product Designer for Immersive Computing, Google

Fernando Malard

Chief Technology Officer, OFCDesk

Aaron Smith

Director, Business Development, CDS

KP Reddy

Venture Capitalist, Angel Investor, and AEC space expert

Wesley McCombe

Co-Founder & COO, Dotty and 3D Orthotics

Lona Dallessandro

Business Development Lead, IoT, Autodesk

Ilya Pupko

Vice President, Product Management, Jitterbit

Gabriel Nave

Director, Business Development

Josh Worley

Lead Designer, Opendesk

Ravi Dalli

PLM Staff Engineer, Inphi

Ben Einstein

Patrik Chartrand

Founder & CEO, DASBox Inc.

Abhishek Singhal

CEO, Risersoft

Albert Szilvasy

Software Architect, Autodesk

Boris Shoov

Executive Vice President, AMC Bridge

Ajay Shah

Business Development, Dotty

Tomer Galon

Product Manager, Autodesk

Jim Quanci

Senior Director, Autodesk Forge Partner Development

Joel Pennington

Product Manager, LIVE Design Group, Autodesk

Patrick Hughes

Industrial IoT Strategy, Verizon Wireless

Hagay Dvir

Senior Product Manager and Chief Product Owner, Fusion Lifecycle

Will Sterbenz

Software Architect, Fusion Lifecycle

Ben Schrauwen

Director, Product Development

Diego Tamburini

Manufacturing Industry Strategist, Autodesk

Justin Berger

Open Innovation & Strategic Partnerships Lead, FirstBuild

Manu Venugopal

Senior Product Manager, Autodesk BIM360

Allan O’Leary

Product Manager, Autodesk

Sandip Jadhav


Sebastian Dunkel

Software Developer, Autodesk

Phaneendra Kumar Divi

Software Development Manager, Autodesk

Saikat Bhattacharya

Technical Consultant, Autodesk

Martin Gasevski

Product Manager, Fusion Lifecycle (F.K.A. PLM 360)

Brian Ekins

Principal Developer Consultant, Autodesk

Brian Schanen

Autodesk PLM Product Manager

Keith White

Technical Consultant, Autodesk

Patrick Rainsberry

Business Development Manager

Anthony Hauck

Director, Autodesk
Michael Beale

Michael Beale


Kean Walmsley

Autodesk Research

Brian Ekins

Principal Developer Consultant, Autodesk

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