Your experience matters! Beginner to Expert level presenters needed at Forge DevCon.

Why Build with Autodesk Forge

The Forge Platform makes Design and Engineering data accessible to almost anyone, anytime, anywhere. With simple, standards-based web development, Forge helps developers and companies address tough challenges with cloud solutions. And Forge is more than just cloud-based tools – it’s an innovation community.

Forge DevCon is where the Forge community comes together to learn, get inspired, and share experiences. Join over 1000 technologists, developers, and industry specialists for two days of keynotes, workshops, case studies, labs, and more.

The event is hosted at Autodesk University (AU), the dynamic, industry-shaping event that brings together 10K+ design and engineering professionals. If you are considering Forge DevCon, we strongly encourage you to explore and attend AU as well.


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Call for Proposals is Open

Forge DevCon classes, workshops and panels are by and for hands-on programmers,
IT decision makers, and business owners. Find the focus that speaks to you, or find a few.


Take a deep dive into the Forge Viewer, BIM 360 API, Reality Capture, and industry specific solutions created with Forge APIs.

Get to Know Forge

Explore the possibilities of truly collaborative, cloud-based designing and making. Plus preview just-released Forge updates to integrations, end-to-end workflow capabilities and much more.

Forge Solutions for Design & Manufacturing

Immerse yourself in what’s possible with Forge today, then see and help shape where Forge goes tomorrow.

New Additions to the Forge Platform

AR, VR, machine learning and generative design can be brought to life using Forge. Learn how, and see how easy it is to get started.

Disruptive Technologies

Delve into topics from web application security to architecture to testing best practices, or brush up on the basics you need to transition from desktop to web programming.

Web Programming

Take in cross-category case studies showing how Autodesk partners and customers used Forge to solve real business problems, and what they learned along the way.

Forge Community Stories

Learn how Forge and BIM 360 have been used to create countless apps across the construction industry, helping teams innovate, digitize job sites, minimize data loss and increase efficiency.

Construction Technology with Forge + BIM 360

2018 Call for Presenters!
Session leaders at all levels needed at Forge DevCon.


Use Your Experience – Lead a Session


Forge Autodesk speaker

Submit an application

Forge DevCon will accept classes, workshop, and presentation proposals beginning May 14th. The classes you submit will be considered for Forge DevCon, Autodesk University, or both!

We’re looking for people who are excited to share their experiences in developing and building cloud-based solutions. Whether you’re new to Forge or a skilled veteran, your story and the lessons you’ve learned can help us provide engaging, useful content for people at all stages of their development process.

Intrigued? Submit an application!

Explore these helpful resources

FAQ | CFP Guide | Proposal Worksheet | Info Sheet

Here’s What We’re Looking For


Share your Forge App

What did you make, how did you make it and what was the result?
Share your story of building with Forge.

Tips and Tricks

Have you found any shortcuts or tips that you wish you knew before you started with Forge? Share them with the community.

Moving to the Cloud

Want to help others get started with cloud-based developer tools or make the move from desktop to cloud? Submit a class to help new developers navigate the basics. 

Programming Best Practices

Are you the best at best practices? Share how you consistently apply stringent standards across development topics from application architecture, to security and testing.

Forge and Complementary Tech

Have you integrated Forge into other software solutions or processes? Or created integrations with popular tools? Teach others how they can leverage Forge with existing platforms.

Forge for Disruptive Tech

Have you been using Forge to put your design and engineering data in action using
AR, VR, machine learning, or generative design? Share your story or demo.

Forge Industry Specific Solutions

Proposals on innovating with Forge in any industry are welcome, but our priority is the Architectural, Engineering and Construction and Design and Manufacturing industries.

Want some inspiration, check out last year’s classes

Questions? On the Fence? We Can Help.

The speaker management team is made up of business, industry, and software development experts who can guide you in developing a topic or class and answer questions. Check them out, then reach out:


Cyrille Fauvel

Cyrille Fauvel

Forge Developer Evangelist Team Lead focused on Mixed Reality, IoT, and machine learning.

Emily Bartlett

Emily Bartlett

Forge Systems Integrator Program lead focused on sharing community success stories.

Kean Walmsley

Kean Walmsley

Autodesk Research Team and author of Through the Interface. Focused on tech like reality capture, natural user interfaces, VR, and IOT.

Lior Gerling

Lior Gerling

Forge Product Director. Manufacturing expert. Leading the charge on next-generation Forge services.

Mikako Harada

Mikako Harada

Forge Developer Evangelist. AEC and BIM specialist. Check out her blog.

Sasha Crotty

Sasha Crotty

Revit Core Product Manager responsible for Revit’s direction and evolution as well as its’ APIs.

Shawn Gilmour

Shawn Gilmour

Forge Product Director focused on cloud technology and the future of Forge.

Stephen Preston

Stephen Preston

Forge Senior Business Manager focused on Forge strategies for developers and technologists.

Galia Traub

Galia Traub

Senior Software Engineer who writes software for products that heavily rely on Forge and other APIs.

Autodesk University

Autodesk University, or AU, is the flagship learning event from Autodesk. It hosts over 10,000 professionals from the architecture, design, manufacturing, and media industries for 3 days of learning, inspiration, and in-depth skills development.

Forge DevCon is held at AU so you can scale your experience to include this event and its vast learning and networking opportunities.


Join our Sponsor Community

Share your message with thousands of design and engineering professionals by sponsoring Forge DevCon at Autodesk University. Unlike other conferences, Forge DevCon doesn’t offer cookie cutter packages. Like our cloud solutions, you can customize your sponsorship to create the best value for your company and customers.


Reach out to Natalia and team to craft the package that’s right for you.


Natalia Polikarpova
Sponsor Program Manager
Forge DevCon


Jim Quanci
Senior Director
Forge Partner Development


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