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5月 17, 2022

Fusion Data API now in beta release!

Fusion Data is the first full data model coming into the Forge data platform. You’ve heard us talking about the Forge data idea for the past few months and now it is a reality. Fusion Data...

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1月 30, 2022

How to Get Started Learning Forge

How to Get Started Learning Forge Autodesk University 2021 was a virtual experience that presented an extraordinary amount of product and feature announcements, customized learning content...

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3月 31, 2021

Forge Success Story Roundup: System Integrators

Do you have big dreams of implementing new software integrations? One of our Forge Certified Systems Integrators could be the answer to bringing those dreams to life. They were trained by ...

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3月 1, 2021

Forge Success Story Roundup: Configurators

The Forge community of customers and partners are using Forge to innovate in their industries. One way many of our customers innovate with Forge is by creating Configurators, particularly ...

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12月 28, 2020

Getting Started with Forge

Autodesk University 2020 was a week-long spectacular virtual experience that has and will continue through the month and beyond. There was an extraordinary amount of product and feature an...

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12月 7, 2020

Convergence in Manufacturing: Embracing the Digital Transformation

Autodesk University 2020 launched on November 17th with multiple product announcements, vision statements, hundreds of robust pieces of learning content, and much more. But one theme, in p...

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5月 10, 2019

Inventor Design Automation: Accelerators coming soon! Webinar resources!

I would like to first start by saying THANK YOU to all the attendees we had during the live webinar on May 7th about the Forge Design Automation for Inventor. It was a great turnout. If yo...

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