Kevin Vandecar

Kevin Vandecar

Principal Developer Advocate

Kevin Vandecar is a Forge developer advocate and also the manager for the Media & Entertainment and Manufacturing Autodesk Developer Network Workgroups. His current specialty is 3ds Max software customization and programming areas. He is also working on  web development skills and exploring areas in Three.js. He is based in Manchester, NH, US. 

Posts by Kevin Vandecar

8月 12, 2022

Data Services - How to get started videos

If you are interested to learn more about our recent release of Forge Data services, Fusion Data and Data Exchange, check out some recently published videos here. Data Exchange technical g...

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7月 25, 2022

Data Exchange Geometry Utilities SDK in Beta

As you know, last month we opened a beta program for the Data Exchange read APIs. We now also have a geometry SDK to allow desktop clients to be able to extract the geometry in a common fo...

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5月 17, 2022

Fusion Data API now in beta release!

Update! Fusion Data Read APIs are out of beta and now in production with general availability. The technical details in this article are still accurate. See here for latest announcement ht...

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4月 12, 2022

Data Exchange Released! Forge Data Exchange APIs now available in Public Beta

We are very happy to announce the release of Data Exchange and a public beta for the Forge APIs. Data Exchange was released in Autodesk Docs, Revit 2023 and Inventor 2023 products last wee...

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11月 23, 2021

Model Derivative SVF2 enhancements - Part 2 Metadata

SVF2 and Metadata API Endpoints We have added some additional functionality to help with metadata/properties access. To start, let’s explain the difference between SVF and SVF2 metadata. B...

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7月 13, 2021

UPDATE: SVF2 GA: the new streaming web format for Forge Viewer is now production ready!

Anyone working with the Forge Model Derivative service knows that SVF is meant for streaming design data for online viewing with the Forge Viewer. A new version of this format, SVF2, has b...

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10月 21, 2020

SVF2 Public Beta: a new optimized viewer format

Last year at Autodesk University 2019 we discussed a new Forge Viewer format code-named ‘OTG’. This format was introduced in the BIM 360 service and you can find a short mention about this...

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