Eswar K

Eswar has been with Autodesk since 2014. He supports the Forge developer community as a program specialist on the Developer Advocacy and Support team. He is currently handling the Autodesk Forge subscription and cloud credit sales worldwide as well as helping the Forge trial users advance to become Forge subscribers.

Posts by Eswar K

8月 20, 2021

Information to Autodesk Resellers

Autodesk Forge and Autodesk Resellers This article gives you information on how Forge subscription and Cloud credits are sold to customers and the role of Autodesk resellers. Autodesk For...

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7月 20, 2021

How to transfer application from one Forge account to another Forge account or Forge App Key transfer request

If you have apps in your Forge account that you want to transfer to a different Forge account because of various reasons like Forge trial expiring or an employee leaving the company etc. ...

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