Farzad Towhidi

Product Manager

Helping to pave Autodesk's vision of providing granular access to valuable design-make data through native cloud APIs within the Construction, Manufacturing and Media & Entertainment industries.

Posts by Farzad Towhidi

10月 14, 2022

Call for beta participation – AEC Cloud Information Model API

Autodesk is working towards its vision to provide a leading platform for better design-to-make data management across the different industries we serve using Cloud Information Model (CIM)....

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8月 2, 2022

Call for private beta participation–Fusion Data APIs–Extensibility Feature

Autodesk is moving forward with its vision to provide the leading platform for Design and Make in the industry and we would like to invite you to participate in its design and evolution. O...

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7月 13, 2022

Fusion Data APIs are now generally available!

Fusion Data APIs are now generally available! After incorporating customer feedback during our public beta phase in May, we are happy to announce that the Fusion Data API is officially rel...

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5月 17, 2022

Fusion Data API now in beta release!

Update! Fusion Data Read APIs are out of beta and now in production with general availability. The technical details in this article are still accurate. See here for latest announcement ht...

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