Jim Quanci

Senior Director, Autodesk Forge Partner Development

With more than 25 years of engineering and design experience, Jim Quanci has spent the past 20 years developing relationships for Autodesk with leading technology partners around the world.

He oversees an international network of over 4000 software partners – third-parties who customize, complement and extend Autodesk Cloud, Mobile, and Desktop technologies.

Along with founding the “Autodesk Developer Network,” and current worldwide responsibility for software partnerships at Autodesk, Jim has experience partnering worldwide including stints directly managing partners in the Americas and Asia. Prior to Autodesk, Jim worked at Sun Microsystems and General Electric.  With a BS in Mechanical Engineering and an MBA in International Marketing, Jim is a frequent presenter and consultant to leading design and engineering software firms on software development technologies applied to design and engineering.

Posts by Jim Quanci

3月 13, 2020

Autodesk’s first “Virtual Forge Accelerator”

With travel restricted in much of the world, we have decided to run a virtual Forge Accelerator. The strength of Autodesk Forge Accelerators has been enabling you to both have immediate he...

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1月 28, 2020

New “Introduction to Forge” Seven Part Video Series

Two and a half years ago I took the best proof-of-concept Forge code samples, as well as a handful of partner apps, and used them to deliver a 43 minute “Introduction to Forge” video on Yo...

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1月 17, 2018

Call for Proposals – AU London, deadline January 31, 2018

Autodesk University (AU) London is returning to the Tobacco Dock this year on June 19-20. The event is the premier learning opportunity to train up on Autodesk software and learn about new...

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11月 8, 2017

What You're Going to Miss at Forge DevCon If You're Not Going (it's not too late)

The Autodesk Forge Developer Conference (Forge DevCon) is the largest gathering of design and engineering software developers in the world. This year we are partnering with Autodesk Univer...

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10月 16, 2017

Forge DevCon for Fusion Users

Calling all Fusion Users! Have you heard? The world’s largest gathering of design and engineering software developers is joining the conference for the future of making things this year. F...

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