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Michael Beale


Michael Beale is a senior software engineer at Autodesk, where he has been a globe-trotting technical advocate for Forge. Michael focuses on connecting Autodesk cloud data and Autodesk Forge APIs to the browser. He’s also contributed to Autodesk Homestyler, the Forge Large Model Viewer (LMV), Autodesk Prooflab, Stereo-Panorama service with webVR and recently 3D formats, such as glTF and 3D-Tiles-Next.
Twitter: @micbeale

Posts by Michael Beale

3月 30, 2022

Stamp markup using SVG file

Stamp markup using SVG file Want to add custom SVG markup, as a Stamp? We have a couple of blog posts on adding Custom Markups based on Using Autodesk.Viewing.MarkupsCore extension: There ...

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3月 8, 2022

Revit Cloud Worksharing - fast extraction of Revit zip files with partials

The Problem When a model is published from "Revit Cloud Worksharing", a single zip file is saved to BIM 360 docs. That zip file contains the master Revit file, along with all linked Revit ...

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6月 16, 2021

Add Mapbox, Google Maps into Forge Viewer

Want to combine google-maps with your Revit model ? Then read on INTRODUCTION Use this Forge-Viewer extension to stream in Geo tiles from mapbox, bing maps, google maps, etc. Under the hoo...

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11月 24, 2020

Forge "Data Visualization" Components - Early Access

Now that AU is finally over, you probably heard about the new Components, coming to the Forge platform, during the AU2020 Forge Keynote. It's True! Forge "Data Visualization" Components ar...

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11月 12, 2020

Forge “Virtual Reality” at AU 2020

Forge is going "Virtual" with "Virtual Reality" this year ! VR has proven to be invaluable in the current 'stay at home' work environment. Two Forge partners show how VR tools are helping ...

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8月 19, 2020

Call for private beta testers - SVF performance enhancements

If you or your customers have been using Forge Viewer with very large models, you may have encountered performance and scalability issues; e.g., The Viewer may be taking too long to load, ...

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7月 24, 2020

Updates to Navisworks NWD translation engine

The Forge "Model Derivative Service" uses Navisworks to convert NWD files to SVF for ForgeViewer. We have updated this engine to "version 2021 Update 1" October 1st. With this update, come...

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