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9月 23, 2021

Uploading File to BIM360/ACC from Design Automation Through CLI

This sample show how to upload end result to desired folder in ACC project, if we know the Project and Folder Id, we can use two-legged authentication to create storage and version the up...

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6月 4, 2021

Export PDF by Revit Design Automation sample

Revit Design Automation engine 2022 starts to support exporting PDF, we mentioned this within my previous blog. And to make it clear, I just made a sample application to showcase the usag...

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4月 14, 2021

Run correct app bundle

Before relying on the Interaction project provided by the Visual Studio solution template for Design Automation for Inventor, I used to update my app bundles and activities in other ways ...

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3月 29, 2021

Share add-in code with app bundle

I already blogged about how to Migrate Inventor add-in to Design Automation, but it's a bit too high level. An Inventor app bundle is just like an add-in with an Automation interface but ...

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3月 15, 2021

Drag and Drop in Design Automation for Inventor sample

I wrote about how to Drag and Drop models into the Viewer, but how could it be done in case of the Design Automation for Inventor sample? One thing you'll need to find out is how to acces...

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3月 10, 2021

Add Viewer extensions to Design Automation for Inventor sample

I have a few articles on the sample application written by our team to help people create their own Configurator 360-like solutions. One question that came up recently was about loading a...

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2月 9, 2021

Use multiple app bundles

Though some articles, like Run additional programs inside a WorkItem, already showed that you can use multiple app bundles in an activity, there wasn't a blog post yet dedicated to this t...

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