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8月 14, 2022

Understanding Data URI scheme in Design Automation workflows

Applicable to all Design Automation Engines. There is comment in our documentation Fail if Autodesk.Das.Shared.Models.Request.Url is a data...

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8月 5, 2022

Using argument "adskDebug" to troubleshot failure job of Design Automation

Debugging the Design Automation job is always a challenge since all the work is done in the cloud engine, and the Design Automation cloud...

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7月 27, 2022

403 (Forbidden) "Maximum number of versions is 100."

There are limitations concerning the number of versions and aliases of app bundles and activities you can have:

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7月 6, 2022

Varying number of input files for work item

Here are some ways to handle the situation where you don't know in advance how many input files a given work item would need. 1) Zip up the...

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6月 9, 2022

Design Automation will URL Decode the Data URI in argument

Recently Design Automation team made an improvement related to Data URI, it will URL Decode the data of URI in argument now, and it applies...

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5月 23, 2022

Make composite Revit design work with Design Automation API for Revit

Follow @yiskang Recently, a few questions came from our customers more frequently like the following. So, here we are! "How can we send...

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3月 28, 2022

Upload large file by chunks by S3 Signed URL in OpenNetwork of Revit Design Automation

In Design Automation OpenNetWork, how to upload large output by chunks to Forge bucket with S3 signed url of Forge

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