Posts about Design Automation API

10月 28, 2021

Share app bundle and activity with other Forge apps

Just by simply checking the various endpoints of Design Automation it's not obvious that you can share your app bundles and activities with other Forge apps. The POST aliases endpoint of ...

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10月 20, 2021

localName, pathInZip, zip

Often there is a bit of confusion around how the localName attribute of an input/output parameter is being used exactly. The main purpose of it is to enable your app bundle to access inpu...

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10月 18, 2021

Open Network in Preview

You might have seen the AU class called Two New Features by Forge Design Automation API: Open Network and WebSocket API that spoke about a new feature that is currently available in Previ...

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9月 30, 2021

Provide json content as URL

The usual way to pass input files to a work item is to upload them somewhere on the cloud and pass their URL to the work item. However, you could also provide the content of a file direct...

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9月 23, 2021

Uploading File to BIM360/ACC from Design Automation Through CLI

This sample show how to upload end result to desired folder in ACC project, if we know the Project and Folder Id, we can use two-legged authentication to create storage and version the up...

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6月 4, 2021

Export PDF by Revit Design Automation sample

Revit Design Automation engine 2022 starts to support exporting PDF, we mentioned this within my previous blog. And to make it clear, I just made a sample application to showcase the usag...

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4月 14, 2021

Run correct app bundle

Before relying on the Interaction project provided by the Visual Studio solution template for Design Automation for Inventor, I used to update my app bundles and activities in other ways ...

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