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10月 12, 2021

5 Construction Apps Built on Forge

Forge and Autodesk Construction Solution (ACS) collaborate to evangelize integrations built on Forge to Autodesk construction customers. Integration Partners help connect a broad array of...

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9月 22, 2021

Upcoming Change in URN Length

Due to changes in our backend systems in both Forge and BIM360, there will be a change in URN length in our future release of APIs. The length of the URN is going to get longer, we hope t...

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9月 17, 2021

Reading a BIM360/ACC project recursively

Files and folders extraction sample This sample demonstrates how to retrieve data of all the folders and files on a specific project to show on a table and export it as CSV. Introduction ...

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7月 21, 2021

New Endpoint: GET Locations in BIM 360/ACC

We're pleased to inform you that the long-awaited GET Locations endpoint for BIM 360/Autodesk Construction Cloud (ACC) is finally made available. Locations in BIM 360 and ACC is a tree st...

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6月 30, 2021

5 companies innovating in AEC with Revit and APIs

The demands on the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry have never been greater. To build more efficiently, sustainably, and under tighter budgets, our customers and...

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6月 6, 2021

Custom Attributes with Projects created before and after March 23, 2021

About the mechanism how custom attributes of document works in old and new projects of BIM360

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2月 16, 2021

BIM 360 Assets API – Public Beta is Here

Today we’re announcing the availability of BIM 360 Assets API as public beta! BIM 360 Assets API provides read/write access to the data stored in BIM 360 Assets module, which allows you t...

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