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3月 11, 2022

New Features for Documentation

We have released a new look and feel for the Documentation Landing Page and we're pretty excited about some of the new features. We've...

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7月 20, 2021

How to transfer application from one Forge account to another Forge account or Forge App Key transfer request

If you have apps in your Forge account that you want to transfer to a different Forge account because of various reasons like Forge trial...

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6月 3, 2021

Autodesk Build Photos API

We are happy to announce the availability of Photos API, another Autodesk Build specific API! Photos is one of the modules in Autodesk Build...

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4月 14, 2021

New Cloud Credit Management Tools

Cloud Credits are Autodesk's virtual currency representing units of measurement required to perform Forge tasks. 100 Cloud Credits that are...

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10月 29, 2020

Forge for Infrastructure at AU

The infrastructure industry is facing a daunting challenge. To meet the demands of population growth, we need to build enough roads and rail...

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10月 21, 2020

Viewer loading has a new look

The Viewer now shows a spinner on the loading screen with the message, “Powered by Autodesk Forge”. The Forge Viewer is used by many...

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9月 23, 2020

Viewer Analytics

Forge Viewer will start collecting usage analytics not tied to a particular user in version 7.29 for purposes of supporting and improving...

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