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6月 3, 2021

Autodesk Build Photos API

We are happy to announce the availability of Photos API, another Autodesk Build specific API! Photos is one of the modules in Autodesk Build. It provides a single, unified place to view a...

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5月 28, 2021

Maintenance to Authentication on June 12

Maintenance is scheduled to the Autodesk authentication system that will directly impact your Forge applications. This maintenance will be conducted on Saturday, June 12 and should affect...

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5月 24, 2021

Design Automation for Revit 2022 now support exporting to PDF directly

Follow @JohnOnSoftware Today, the great news is Revit Design Automation now support exporting to PDF directly starting from Revit engine 2022. Check out the release note. Some background ...

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4月 14, 2021

New Cloud Credit Management Tools

Cloud Credits are Autodesk's virtual currency representing units of measurement required to perform Forge tasks. 100 Cloud Credits that are good for a year come with your Forge subscripti...

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4月 6, 2021

First Autodesk Construction Cloud (ACC) specific API - Forms API

Follow @Xiaodong Liang The first Autodesk Construction Cloud (ACC) specific API, Forms API, has been released as public beta! Forms is one of modules in Autodesk Build. It allows your tea...

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4月 2, 2021

New API Type: Autodesk Construction Cloud

A new API type, Autodesk Construction Cloud API, has been added to the Forge dev portal‘s My Apps >> Create App page (see the image above). This is a precursor to the releases of AP...

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2月 25, 2021

Learn how to integrate IoT data into your model with new Data Visualization extensions

Autodesk is thrilled to announce the new Forge Viewer Data Visualization extensions are now available as a public beta! These extensions allow you to easily create a Digital Twin using th...

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