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6月 30, 2021

5 companies innovating in AEC with Revit and APIs

The demands on the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry have never been greater. To build more efficiently, sustainably, and under tighter budgets, our customers and...

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11月 12, 2020

Forge “Virtual Reality” at AU 2020

Forge is going "Virtual" with "Virtual Reality" this year ! VR has proven to be invaluable in the current 'stay at home' work environment. Two Forge partners show how VR tools are helping...

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2月 15, 2019

Reality Virtually Hackathon @ MIT Media Lab

My colleague Lanh Hong and I spent the MLK holiday weekend at the Reality Virtually Hackathon. This event is unique in that it is "purpose-built" to generate new and innovative solutions ...

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4月 25, 2018

iPhone Panorama with Forge Viewer

View your Revit interior as a 'look around' panorama on your iPhone (or Android) with this tiny Forge Viewer extension

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4月 11, 2018

Forge AR/VR Toolkit and 3D navigation with the 3dRudder

Taking a look at the 3dRudder: a new way to navigate through AR and VR world!

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2月 21, 2018

Free Webinar - AEC-Hackathon starts tomorrow noon !

UPDATED: session recording URL added (pre-AEC Hackathon) Webinar - "Viewing your 3D BIM data in the cloud with Autodesk Forge"

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1月 23, 2018

Meet the Forge Team: Michael Beale

We sat down with Michael Beale from the Forge Partner Development team to hear more about what he does at Autodesk, with Forge, and where you can catch him in the coming weeks. Tell us wh...

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