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9月 15, 2022

BIM 360/Autodesk Build Cost API tutorials updated to use S3 signed url

As a part of on-going effort to migrate Data Management OSS (Object Storage Service) to direct AWS S3 storage approach, we have updated two...

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9月 6, 2022

FAQ and Tips for IFC translation of Model Derivative API

Follow @yiskang More recently, more customers asked similar Model Derivative questions related to IFC. So, I tried collecting the IFC...

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8月 14, 2022

Understanding Data URI scheme in Design Automation workflows

Applicable to all Design Automation Engines. There is comment in our documentation Fail if Autodesk.Das.Shared.Models.Request.Url is a data...

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8月 12, 2022

Source code of Viewer extensions

Not only the source code of the Viewer is available publicly but the source code of all the extensions provided for it as well. It can be...

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8月 5, 2022

Using argument "adskDebug" to troubleshot failure job of Design Automation

Debugging the Design Automation job is always a challenge since all the work is done in the cloud engine, and the Design Automation cloud...

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7月 27, 2022

403 (Forbidden) "Maximum number of versions is 100."

There are limitations concerning the number of versions and aliases of app bundles and activities you can have:

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7月 26, 2022

ACC/BIM 360 Insight Data Connector API - Project Level Access

As announced earlier, Autodesk Construction Cloud (ACC) and BIM 360 Insight Data Connector now supports the extraction of data at a project...

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