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5月 30, 2022

Buckets Tools: migrate Node.js app to Electron

Bucket Tools: migrate Node.js app to Electron Some Forge users were asking for a way to interact with OSS without having to install Visual Studio Code (in order to use Autodesk Forge Tools...

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5月 23, 2022

Make composite Revit design work with Design Automation API for Revit

Follow @yiskang Recently, a few questions came from our customers more frequently like the following. So, here we are! "How can we send zipped Revit design containing linked models from BI...

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5月 17, 2022

Fusion Data API now in beta release!

Fusion Data is the first full data model coming into the Forge data platform. You’ve heard us talking about the Forge data idea for the past few months and now it is a reality. Fusion Data...

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4月 12, 2022

Data Exchange Released! Forge Data Exchange APIs now available in Public Beta

We are very happy to announce the release of Data Exchange and a public beta for the Forge APIs. Data Exchange was released in Autodesk Docs, Revit 2023 and Inventor 2023 products last wee...

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4月 7, 2022

Direct-to-S3 Node.js samples

With the announcement of OSS migrating to Direct-to-S3 approach we want help you make this transition smoother. This time we will start with the Node.js utility for the new binary transfer...

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3月 28, 2022

Upload large file by chunks by S3 Signed URL in OpenNetwork of Revit Design Automation

In Design Automation OpenNetWork, how to upload large output by chunks to Forge bucket with S3 signed url of Forge

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3月 23, 2022

Data Management OSS (Object Storage Service) migrating to Direct-to-S3 approach

As part of our commitment to innovate and improve customer services, Autodesk released a new set of Data Management API endpoints to allow direct upload and download from the underlying AW...

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