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9月 23, 2021

Uploading File to BIM360/ACC from Design Automation Through CLI

This sample show how to upload end result to desired folder in ACC project, if we know the Project and Folder Id, we can use two-legged authentication to create storage and version the up...

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4月 11, 2021

Migrate Revit Worksharing models from BIM 360 Team to BIM 360 Docs - powered by Revit 2022 Cloud Worksharing API

Follow @JohnOnSoftware Revit 2022 was officially released on April 8th, 2021, please check out the blog of new features at Revit 2022 Released. Also, the Revit 2022 SDK is coming on the w...

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2月 8, 2021

Buckets Tools: migrate Node.js app to Electron

Some Forge users were asking for a way to interact with OSS without having to install Visual Studio Code (in order to use Autodesk Forge Tools extension) or go to a webpage like https://o...

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2月 5, 2021

Pagination with Postman

When the list of returned items can get quite big, our API endpoints provide pagination to retrieve the items in batches. You can limit the number of items that are returned in a single r...

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12月 18, 2020

learnforge View Your Models - VB.NET

I wrote about migrating our C# .NET samples to VB.NET: learnforge Modify Your Models - VB.NET You can do the same with any of our .NET projects, including View your models Once you conver...

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11月 3, 2020

Data Management and Model Derivative regions

Currently, we support 2 regions: US (default) and EMEA. They are available in case of both the Data Management API and Model Derivative API. BIM 360 Docs can also store files in either re...

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8月 20, 2020

Best practice for uploading and downloading files from BIM360 docs

After reading the BIM360 docs tutorial to upload and download a file, you may have assumed that the bucketKey was always '' but while it was often the case, it is not meant to ...

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