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9月 23, 2021

Uploading File to BIM360/ACC from Design Automation Through CLI

This sample show how to upload end result to desired folder in ACC project, if we know the Project and Folder Id, we can use two-legged authentication to create storage and version the up...

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2月 8, 2021

Buckets Tools: migrate Node.js app to Electron

Some Forge users were asking for a way to interact with OSS without having to install Visual Studio Code (in order to use Autodesk Forge Tools extension) or go to a webpage like https://o...

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2月 1, 2021

More about Refresh Token

We already blogged About Refresh Token. We even showed how you could handle them in Landing your Forge OAuth authentication workflow. There is only a tiny issue with the code in the secon...

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2月 29, 2020

401 Unauthorized / 403 Forbidden

A developer ran into a 401 Unauthorized error (in the documentation described as Invalid authorization header) when going through the Extract Metadata From a Source File, so I went throug...

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2月 26, 2020

Handling "Developer Status is not Active" response

What does "Developer Status is not Active" error message means?

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1月 15, 2020

Basic Clash View by Model Coordination API in Node.js

A basic viewing of clash raw data by Model Coordination API. It lists all clash instances data, and allows the user to click one instance to highlight within Forge Viewer.

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12月 9, 2019

Forge on Node-RED - Visual Programming for Forge

Node-RED is a powerful tool for building Internet of Things (IoT) applications with a focus on simplifying the ‘wiring together’ of code blocks to carry out tasks. It uses a visual progra...

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