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Registering for Forge includes 100 free cloud credits that can be applied to any combination of the APIs you need.

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Packs start at 100 credits for $100. Volume discounts are available.

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APIs and Services
Data Management API
No additional cost
with trial or purchase
Design Automation API
cloud credits /  processing hour
Model Derivative API
cloud credits /  complex job
cloud credits /  simple job
No additional cost
with trial or purchase
Reality Capture API
cloud credits per gigapixel processed

Common Questions

What do I get if I sign up to Try Forge for Free?

You will receive access to the full range of Forge APIs, 5 GB of storage, and 100 cloud credits for free, to be used across all Forge APIs and services. Such 100 cloud credits expire after 12 months. Once those cloud credits are fully used or expired, if you would like to continue accessing Forge, we require that you Buy Forge cloud credits. Purchase a minimum of 100 cloud credits annually to enable access to the Forge platform.

If I Buy Forge, does my Forge account and associated pre-paid cloud credits automatically renew after 12 months?

Your access to your Forge account must be manually renewed. Renewals can be transacted as early as 90 days prior to expiration. To avoid potentially losing access to your software, services, or benefits, it is important to renew your contract before the expiration date. Please contact us to renew your Forge account.

Do my cloud credits roll over from year to year?

Cloud credits expire after 12 months. After 12 months, you will be required to update your account and purchase a minimum of 100 cloud credits to validate access to the Forge platform.

How can I purchase additional cloud credits?

If you use up your cloud credits, please contact us to learn more about how to purchase additional credits.

Can I use the cloud credits associated with my Forge account towards other Autodesk consumption services?

Currently, cloud credits associated with Forge are nontransferable and redeemable for Forge APIs only.

Can I sign up for multiple Forge offerings under the same account?

No, you may only register for Forge once under one account.

What happens when new APIs and services are announced as part of the Forge platform?

With an active account, you will have access to all new and existing APIs and may use any valid cloud credits towards the APIs of your choice.

What Autodesk products can I develop an App for?

Currently, Forge is offered to those that own valid licenses for BIM 360, Fusion 360, and BIM team.

How do I know if I have the right subscription to build an app on an Autodesk Product?

Any paid end-user subscription for BIM Team, Fusion Team, and Fusion 360, includes the ability for an end-user subscriber to take advantage of the Build Apps for Autodesk Products option. For BIM 360, subscriptions must have 100 users to take advantage of the Build Apps for Autodesk Products option.

Does Autodesk offer special Forge pricing for students and startups?

At the moment, we do not offer special pricing for students and startups.

Do the prices listed above include taxes?

No. The total price, including any applicable taxes, will be calculated at the time of purchase.

Does Forge offer pricing for enterprise-scale use?

Yes. Contact us to learn more.


Still have questions about pricing? Contact Autodesk Forge Sales.