Use Forge APIs to create solutions for your business

Wireless network

Simulate signal attenuation for wireless network coverage

Maps, Telecommunications, Floor Plan

Pick the position of the router on the floor and the signal strength will be represented by a custom shader on the surface. The signal strength is computed based on the attenuation in air and per wall depending the distance and number of walls between the position and the signal source.

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Explore and modify automotive model properties

Automotive, Cars, Configurator

Create, modify and delete custom meta-properties. One can view meta properties by simply adding meta property from the right-click context menu. Custom meta-properties will be added alongside native model properties.

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3d model 2d drawings

Analyse 3D model with help of 2D drawings

Construction, Drawings, Statistic

Explore building plans in 3D and 2D views with the help of charts. Cross highlight any 2D entities or charting objects to toggle the model visibility.

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Review building structure

Construction, Analysis, Floors, Walls

Perform geometrical analysis of the model based on component categories. Display wall meshes at each level of the building.

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Building structure