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Welcome to the community solution showcase

Autodesk partners with companies that are committed to redefining the limits of the design-and-build process. Companies using the Forge Platform to innovate and create new cloud-based services are invited to share their stories here.

From success stories to webinars. Development support to funding. Autodesk helps the community to grow in a number of ways.

Get to know the Forge community and what they are building with the Forge Platform.

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Do more with Digital Twins

Digital twins are digital replicas of physical assets. Explore these stories to learn how they are being used today.

Smart Facility Management with Digital Twins

VINCI Facilities uses sensors, BIM, and digital twins to create a real-time facility management hub for buildings operators.

Three Companies Talk Digital Twin Solutions

As featured in our Partner Talks webinar series, hear from Moicon, Capgemini, and VueOps as they share their digital twin solutions.

Digital Twins using Azure and Forge #TWINNING

Arcadis shares how Forge and Azure APIs work together to make a digital twin web application that showcases live data and analytics.

Draw Visual Insights from data

Visual Insights and 3D dashboarding tools can be built using Forge APIs. Read how customers are using Visual Insights to transform how they view day to day operations.

Managing Data for Thousands of Hospital Rooms

DB-Lab created a web platform checker to see visualizations of rooms and their data without having to open the BIM model —and with no BIM tool expertise.

BIM Integrates with ERP Connecting Workflows and Customers

JE Dunn improved their workflow and created a more transparent experience for customers with their Dunn Dashboard.

Using Data Visualization to Analyze Pedestrian Comfort in Miami

CCTech shares a case study on Pedestrian flow simulation around the buildings in Brickell Avenue, Miami, Florida to understand the effect of pedestrian comfort due to gusty sea winds.

Streamline workflows with Design Automation

The Design Automation API allows users to automate repetitive tasks and run scripts on files in the cloud. Learn how it is being used by the Forge community.

Connecting a Manufacturer's Customers to Design Automation

IMAGINiT turns to Forge to help a manufacturer accelerate time to market by automating Inventor model creation in the cloud using the Design Automation API.

Collaborative Lighting Design, from Visualization to Manufacturing

Learn how how you can enhance the BIM collaboration level and tackle how Generative Design can support manufacturers to produce more efficient luminaries with less resources, energy and time.

Automate Client Requirements and Standardize Project Templates

Two engineers from Atkins show you how to create native Revit content and project setup directly from your web portal using Design Automation API for Revit.

Featured Forge Fund Partners 

Autodesk Forge occasionally invests in companies that are strategically aligned with our vision and are innovating across industries. Below are some of the companies that have received  equity investment from the Forge Fund.

If you are interested in joining the community, submit a story to be featured on this page. If your company and Forge solution is a candidate for investment, an Autodesk associate will reach out.

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eSUB is a tool for subcontractors to increase communication and coordination, so they can make more money on every project.

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Assemble Systems

Today an Autodesk Company – provides a SaaS solution that acts as a HUB consuming BIM, drawings, and point clouds. logo

Reduces risk on a jobsite through the power of artificial intelligence and video.

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Project Frog

Focused on prefabricated delivery solutions, Project Frog has been at the forefront of industrialized construction.