BIM 360 Docs: API Changes to Access Data in European Data Center

October 10, 2018

Note: this is a breaking change. If you have a customer who uses BIM 360 Docs in European data center, you will need to modify your code with new endpoints.

BIM 360 Docs recently started in European data center. Unfortunately, due to this change, you, as a developer of application accessing a model in BIM 360 Docs, will need to modify the code to access models that are stored in the European data center.

Note that BIM 360 API are already using different US and EU endpoints for some resources, such as Account Administration feature. See documentation. Data Management API is not affected.

The list of affected endpoints

Model Derivative API

The following list of Model Derivative APIs needs to be changed to include regions information explicitly in the endpoints when accessing data in the data center in Europe.

  • POST references
  • GET :urn/thumbnail
  • GET :urn/manifest
  • DELETE :urn/manifest
  • GET :urn/manifest/:derivativeurn
  • GET :urn/metadata
  • GET :urn/metadata/:guid
  • GET :urn/metadata/:guid/properties


for US data center

for European data center


For Viewer, when viewing a model uploaded to BIM 360 Docs in European data center, you will need to specify ‘derivativeV2_EU’ as an option parameter in initialization.  

When using ViewingApplication (from this tutorial) you will need to determine if the bucketKey is from EMEA or US. Start by base64 decoding the URN, then check if it contains urn:adsk.wipemea:xxx (for EMEA) or urn:adsk.wipprod:xxx (for US).

In your viewer code, you may try as below to make it work for both US and European region: 

  var options = {
    env: 'AutodeskProduction',
    getAccessToken: getForgeToken,
    api: 'derivativeV2' + (atob(urn.replace('_', '/')).indexOf('emea') > -1 ? '_EU' : '')
  var documentId = 'urn:' + urn;
  Autodesk.Viewing.Initializer(options, function onInitialized() {
      // rest of code here…

where the atob JavaScript function decodes base64 string. ‘replace’ is required as Forge uses _ (underscore) instead / (forward slash). The code sets the api option to:

  • derivativeV2 (for US)  
  • derivativeV2_EU (for EMEA).

We’ll be updating the SDK shortly. 

We apologize for not communicating this breaking change to the community in advance. We will make sure we will have a better process moving forward. If you have further questions regarding this change, please contact us at

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