Augusto Goncalves

Developer Advocate, Autodesk

Developer Advocate at Autodesk since 2008, working with both desktop and web/cloud apps using top technologies, like C#, JavaScript, NodeJS and any other that can solve problems and improve workflows. See my samples on Github and follow me on Twitter for updates. 

Posts by Augusto Goncalves

February 17, 2022

New Design Automation rate limit for GET workitem/:id

Like most web services, each Design Automation endpoint has a rate-limit that protects the service and improves availability. To best serve all of our customers, the current GET workitem/...

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December 13, 2021

Forge and ADN Holiday Schedule 2021

Where did the time go? The 2021 holiday season is already upon us! The Forge team wanted to take a quick moment to remind everyone of our support team's holiday hours. Forge API and Autod...

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August 31, 2021

Using TAB to cycle selection

Mimic the Revit TAB selection in the Viewer

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July 13, 2021


The Forge Viewer (7.36) makes it easy to load and view PDF and DWF files natively. In the past these files had to be processed using the Model Derivative service but now you can use viewe...

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July 2, 2021

Design Automation for Revit to disable XPS printing

XPS printing with Spooler print manager was identified as a security vulnerability and will be disabled.

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June 25, 2021

POST Command createFolder deprecated

Use POST Folder, as POST Command createFolder will be retired January 2022.

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