April 11, 2018

Explode DBText To Geometry Using Design Automation API

I received a query from one of  our Technical Sales Specialist whose customer would like to automate a design workflow using Forge Design Automation one aspect of work flow is to explode Text objects in to Geometry [polylines and arcs].

We have an express tool  available for AutoCAD called TXTEXP, unfortunately this tool is not available for Forge, I  have created a C# program which explodes a text object in to geometry, this custom program can be referenced in a Forge Activity.


Forge-ExplodeText - This is a Forge Design Automation sample, that explodes the Text objects in to Geomerty, currently only DBText object is support.

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Madhukar Moogala

A technology agnostic, constant learner, and a Forge advocate who works primarily on AutoCAD and Forge Design Automation using both desktop and cloud programming techniques. He has been with Autodesk since 2013, started his career as C++ programmer, explored everything that has come in his way be it Lisp or Wix, passionate about modern technologies and loves troubleshooting. 

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