May 3, 2021

Now Available: BIM and IoT Data Integration using Forge's IoT Toolkit

Data Viz extensions

The Forge Viewer team at Autodesk is excited to announce the new Data Visualization extensions as an IoT toolkit to integrate sensor data from your preferred database service (Azure, AWS, others) into your BIM models.  


This toolkit lets you easily create a Digital Twin using the Forge Viewer. New features range from adding sensors into your model to allow for equipment maintenance status, to adding heatmap shaders on objects that help visualize temperature, CO2, or people movements. Check out the full list of features available below: 

  • Sprites and heatmaps 

  • Timeline 

  • Data adapters to popular IoT data sources 

  • React-based Reference Architecture  

  • Open-source chart library (Apache echart) 


We have crafted a reference architecture using React, as the UI framework, and Azure time-series database adapters to ease the development time. This super sample, along with exhaustive documentation, will help you quickly learn how to leverage the Data Visualization extensions to build your own powerful Digital Twin experiences. The enhanced documentation will be your guide to integrate IoT data with your design model using easy-to-follow steps and several code samples. 


Watch the demo


Who is this for? 

If you need to visualize how your assets behave over time (in real-time or historical) or just understand the context within your models to make better business decisions, this is for you! 


How can I get started? 

Visit the Data Visualization’s Developer Guide to start building your Digital Twin today. Leverage our reference architecture for a quick start and join one of our upcoming Forge Accelerators to quickly take your app to the next level in a 1-week intensive program. 

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