Connecting drone-based photography with Forge to deliver the big picture on project sites.

That's what they did. What about you?


3D Robotics delivers drone-based solutions to engineering, construction and natural resources companies




3DR uses drones to gather visual data on construction sites, but they needed a data collection tool to connect their sensors to clients’ Autodesk ReCap engines.

How 3DR solved it with Forge.

Site Scan, 3DR’s aerial analytics platform delivers drone data from the job site to the Autodesk software suite, including A360 and BIM 360. Forge powers the creation of point clouds and meshes from drone photographs for downstream use including site visualization, engineering calculations, project progress tracking, safety analysis and more.

By leveraging Forge, 3DR was able to accelerate their development of Site Scan by connecting drone data with software in hours vs. days. This enabled them to focus their resources to powerful new real-time features that integrate with customers’ existing software systems.

“Our customers are already Autodesk users looking for a drone reality capture solution. By partnering with Autodesk, we are building a tool that plugs into existing leading workflows and keeping our customers from having to reinvent their processes to use new technology.”

Jia Huang, Engineer
Cloud Platform API
3D Robotics